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These are races that I find interesting, for one reason or another. They might be close to my home (Huntington, WV), they might be races I enter every year, they might be races I've run in the past, they might be races I'd like to attend, but, haven't gotten around to. The list might include road races, cross-country races, trail runs, track meets, and God knows what else.

In 2010, I began reaching a little farther for longer races (15K to marathons) and especially trail/x-country runs, which are rarer than road races and thus harder to find. (I believe that off-road races make you strong in a way that flatland running and road running cannot. This does not include rail trails.) I'm listing more multi-sport races, like triathlons and duathlons. And I'm investigating extreme races.

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(This year's calendar starts late. Please, scroll down to October.)

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October 2012

  • Oct. 7, Sun....I'm back.

  • Oct. 13, Sat. 8:30am...Chesapeake Octoberfest 5K Run...Chesapeake, OH, The Dannie Newman at 740-867-4303 or email here for info and a downloadable entry blank. Also, you can pick up entry blanks at Robert's Running & Walking Shop, 1440 Fourth Avenue, in Huntington

November 2012

December 2012

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If you find errors, if you know of schedule changes, cancellations, etc., if you know of any races that might fit into my list, please, email me at and include as much detail as possible. My general scheme, which unfolded spontaneously, more or less, is that I'll go as far as 50 miles for a 5K, 100 miles for a 10K or 5 miler, 200 miles for a 10 miler to half-marathon, the ends of the earth for the right marathon. (I drove eight or nine hours to get to the Chicago Marathon in '97.) The limits are not cast in stone. And there are exceptions, ie. The Debbie Green 5K, in Wheeling, approximately a 200 mile drive. I haven't made it, yet, but, I hope to.

Of course, I do some independent research, as well. Some races I list won't be listed on any of the sites, below. I think that they should be.

ADDITIONAL LINKS - useful and/or interesting sites

The following are a few sites I find very useful when looking for races. They cover a lot larger geographical area than I do.

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